Abraham Cornelius was a scientist who participated in Colonel William Stryker's Weapon X program in the original timeline.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Dr. Cornelius was a scientist who part Stryker's Weapon X program in he was experimenting with mutants and trying to take their powers and make them stronger. When Logan, a former member of Stryker's Team X, wanted revenge against his half-brother Victor Creed for seemly killing his girlfriend Kayla, and Stryker offered help to Logan make him stronger so he could kill Victor and get revenge, Stryker had Cornelius, and Dr. Carol Frost prepare an experiment for Logan. At The Alkali Lake Facility, where project sponsors, such as General Munson, attended, Corneluis gave a procedure, he injected Adamantium, a metal that came from a meteor that landed in Africa, into Logan's body. At first it looked like that Logan didn't survive the procedure, but then Logan begin to show heart which proved he survive and the produce was a success. However, when Stryker wanted Logan's memories erased, which the unconscious Logan overhear, Cornelius then watched as Logan woke up and escaped the facility.



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