"Mr. Wilson..What if I told you, that we can make you better?. Giving you abilities that most men only dream of. Listen, I'm a represntive of a very secret organisation and I can promise you that you would not regret after this. If you decide, call me."
―The Recuiter to Wade Wilson[src]

Jared Smith (also known as The Recruiter) was a mysterious man and a high-ranking member of Weapon X, who helped Ajax enlist the ill into a program that would give them supernatural abilities. He convinced Wade Wilson to become a test subject, promising to cure his cancer.



At some point in time, Jared Smith was hired by Ajax to bring in various sick people to experiment on for Weapon X, giving them a somewhat false promise that they had a "miracle cure" for their ailments. Among the people he enlisted was former Canadian Special Forces operative, Wade Wilson, who eventually ended up surviving the procedure but got severely disfigured in the process.

With a personal vendetta against Ajax, Wade Wilson became the freelance mercenary known as Deadpool and began hunting down all of the villain's associates, including Jared. Despite attempting to occupy him with a couple of henchmen, the Recruiter was knocked into a car and, after Wade revealed himself to him, his finger was cut, and later it was revealed that he was dead.


Despite being enigmatic, Smith was an extremely manipulative, cold, dishonest, and ruthless man, claiming that The Workshop can cure anybody of diseases, and make them super heroes as result. He never had sympathy or love to anyone just because of the reason that he is a recruiter, and thus, took the role very seriously. However, despite his manipulative demeanor, Agent Smith does show a cowardly side, willing to give up his boss's location almost immediately.


  • Business Skills - The Recruiter/Jared Smith had very fantastic skills of making business and deals with various people that he recruited into the Weapon X Program.
  • Master Manipulator - The Recruiter was an extremely manipulative man, and was able of manipulating people, including Wade Wilson to come and try out the Weapon X program, just to lead them to the hands of his employer Ajax.


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