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Amanda Sefton is the daughter of Margali Szardos, who adopted Kurt Wagner. She is also the object of Wagner's affections.  


X2: X-Men United: The Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler

Amanda and Kurt were performing in a circus when suddenly Amanda fell to her death if not for the hasty blue mutant named Nightcrawler. Kurt gets a few broken ribs but feels his heartache when seeing the relationship between Amanda and the trapeze artist Werner.

When Kurt goes to a church, William Stryker had Jason Stryker create an illusion of Amanda confessing her love and eloping with him, in order to capture Kurt.  

Amanda gets worried after Nightcrawler is gone, assuming that he had ran away.  She realized that she cared about Kurt more than she thought.  She goes to the church and prays for God to watch over Kurt, wherever his travels may take him.


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