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"Mutant and Proud."

Amy was a student at Oxford University, England in 1962. She had heterochromia, which made one of her eyes blue and the other green.


X-Men: First Class

Amy was studying at Oxford University. She met Charles Xavier. He flirted with her, calling her heterochromia a mutation. She was offended by this until Charles explained that mutation took them from single-celled organisms to the most dominant form of reproductive life on the planet. She then called herself "Mutant and Proud".

Charles' step-sister, Raven Darkholme, approached them asking if she had to buy her own drink. Charles introduced the girls to each other, at which point Raven, fed up with Charles' antics, feigned heterochromia using her shape-shifting abilities. Charles and Raven left, the former angry at his sister for ruining his chances. Raven used her statement later.

Amy was due to go on a date with Charles the evening after her got his doctorate in genetics, but CIA agent Moira MacTaggert recruited Charles for a mission, and Amy left the bar once Xavier started to flirt with MacTaggert.



  • Amy and Jason Stryker were the only two characters to have heterochromia, which made one of their eyes blue and the other green.