Ariki is a mutant with the ability to manipulate his hair braids. He was a resident of Genosha who fought the D'Bari forces alongside the X-Men, Magneto, and Selene.


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Confronting Jean Grey

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Powers and abilities

  • Hair Manipulation: Ariki has the ability to manipulate his hair braids to attack his opponents, as well as use them to perform feats of agility.


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  • United States Military - enemies
  • D'Bari - enemies


  • Andrew Stehlin was originally reported to be playing a character named "Red Lotus".[1] In the final cut of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, he was credited as "Ariki".
  • Ariki was based off a multitude of characters from the comics.[2]
  • Andrew Stehlin was originally just a stuntman before he was cast as Ariki. Director Simon Kinberg said that Stehlin's stunt choreography was suited for an action-oriented character like Ariki. He also found Stehlin to be "interesting-looking".[2]
  • Ariki's braids were a combination of practical and CGI effects.[2]


X-Men: Dark Phoenix


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