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Ariki is a mutant with the ability to manipulate his hair braids. He was a resident of Genosha who fought the D'Bari forces alongside the X-Men, Magneto, and Selene.


Revised Timeline

Confronting Jean Grey

By 1992, Ariki lived on Genosha, a mutant sanctuary presided by Magneto. After Beast informs Magneto that Jean Grey killed Mystique, Ariki joins the duo, along with Selene, to travel to New York City in an attempt to assassinate Jean. He engages in combat with the X-Men, restraining Nightcrawler and nearly killing him, although he is soon rendered unconscious by the U.S. military, who place a mutant ability dispersing collar on him.

After the alien D'Bari attack the train, Ariki is freed, and he joins the fight against them, although he is killed in the process.

Powers and abilities

  • Hair Manipulation: Ariki has the ability to manipulate his hair braids to attack his opponents, as well as use them to perform feats of agility.


Revised Timeline



  • United States Military - enemies
  • D'Bari - enemies


  • Andrew Stehlin was originally reported to be playing a character named "Red Lotus".[1] In the final cut of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, he was credited as "Ariki".
  • Ariki was based off a multitude of characters from the comics.[2]
  • Andrew Stehlin was originally just a stuntman before he was cast as Ariki. Director Simon Kinberg said that Stehlin's stunt choreography was suited for an action-oriented character like Ariki. He also found Stehlin to be "interesting-looking".[2]
  • Ariki's braids were a combination of practical and CGI effects.[2]