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Ash is a mutant who can release extremely high temperature thermal material from his mouth.


X-Men: The Last Stand

Ash listening to Magneto's speech.

Ash is a mutant  who joined Magneto's third incarnation of the Brotherhood. He later participated in the Battle of Alcatraz where he incinerated many soldiers with his powers. It is unknown if he escaped or got killed from the Phoenix.

Character Traits

Ash was a mutant who appeared to be composed by burning charcoal. He was able to spit molten ash, which he used for incinerating his opponents, as demonstrated with the death of many soldiers in the Battle of Alcatraz. Since he was a follower of Magneto, it is assumed that Ash felt a hatred toward normal humans.


Ash was born in 1973 as his father and grandfather worked at a nuclear reactor before his birth, which may have triggered his mutation. Nothing else is known about him.


Ash spewing burning ash against a team of soldiers, incinerating them

  • Ash Mimicry: Ash was a mutant who appeared to have a physical body made up of ash.
    • Flaming Ash Breath: Ash could breath burning volcanic material out of his mouth. The power of it was enough to burn and knock human soldiers off their feet. The intensity of the heat is unknown.
    • Solid Ash Skin: Ash has skin that resembles solidified molten rock. It is possible that this ability gave him increased strength and durability.





  • In the comics, Ash is a member of the Morlocks.

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