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The Astral Plane is a metaphysical plane of existence pertaining to the mind or spirit that is accessed by psychic mutants or other psionic means. Psychics can project their consciousness, sometimes even their physical bodies, into the realm, while truly powerful ones can actually manipulate the realm with their minds and perform feats such as turning their limbs into weapons, growing in height, or creating dream-like illusions. The astral plane is also sometimes called astral dimension, dream dimension, astral realm, or spirit world.


X-Men: Apocalypse

During the battle in Cairo, Xavier fights Apocalypse telepathically in the astral plane.


David Haller's father psychically fought and defeated Farouk, the Shadow King, on the Astral Plane. Oliver Bird, the co-founder of Summerland, regularly visited the Astral Plane until he was unable to return to the physical world. His body was cryogenically frozen to preserve him until he could return. Later, David Haller is transported to the Astral Plane after a big dose of sedative.


  • When in the Astral Plane, Apocalypse grows in height and size this is a reference to the comics as this was one of his many abilities.


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