"We shall go to Alcatraz Island, take control of the cure, and destroy its source. And then, nothing can stop us!"

The Battle of Alcatraz was a major conflict between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants on Alcatraz Island. The battle was fought over the Mutant Cure and it origin Leech.


Before Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants go to Alcatraz, they are on a hill in Marin County, which overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge. Juggernaut asks Magneto how they will get to Alcatraz (the location of the Worthington Labs facility and the source of the cure) as he can't swim. Magneto states that he'll take care of that problem.

Building Bridges

On the bridge, cars drive across the bridge. All of a sudden, the cars crash into each other and stop, while the bridge shakes violently. Everyone on the bridge thinks that an earthquake is beginning, so people run off the shaking bridge. However, a family is trapped in their car. On the Marin County side of the bridge, several cars are pushed out of the way. Much to the shock of the trapped family, Magneto, Phoenix and the rest of the Brotherhood march onto the bridge. Magneto marches towards his end of the bridge, and using his powers, he rips the entire bridge off its foundations. Much to the shock of several tourists, the suspension cable snap as the bridge moves across the Bay and towards Alcatraz Island. Leech and the guards on Alcatraz Island are shocked as they watch the bridge move towards the island. Magneto muses that 'Charles always wanted to build bridges' before he sets the bridge down. The guards escape a watchtower which is demolished. As the President watches the crisis from the Situation Room at the White House, thanks to Magneto, the Golden Gate Bridge now connects San Francisco to Alcatraz Island.

The Battle





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