Bedlam[1] (born Jesse Aaronson) is a mutant who is a member of X-Force. His mutant ability was the power to disrupt electrical fields, including the ones in a person's body.


Bedlam responded to an ad posted by Deadpool on Linkedin to join his new "X-Force" mutant team. He auditioned by testing his powers on Wade and Weasel, causing the pair to promptly place him on the team's roster. Along with the rest of the team's recruits, Bedlam was briefed on X-Force's first mission; to save Russell Collins from Cable by rescuing him from a prison convoy.

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The plan called for them to parachute onto the target. While on the plane, Bedlam got to know fellow X-Force member Peter, who suggested not jumping due to the strong winds before he and his team-mates jumped to Russell's rescue. However, the strong winds caused Bedlam to lose control of his parachute, sending him colliding into an incoming bus, injuring him instantly. He is last seen receiving CPR.


Bedlam is shown to have an intimidating presence when auditioning in front of Wade and Weasel. To show off his powers he purposefully caused the pair to experience anxiety, displaying his "tough guy" persona. This was further displayed on the plane where he dismissed the sunscreen wearing Peter and reminded Deadpool he was only a trainee X-men. However, he was genuinely excited to be a part of a mutant team, cheering as he dove from the sky to his eventual demise, even making his own mutant uniform with an "X" on the chest.



Bedlam showing his bio-electricity powers

  • Bio-Electricity Manipulation - By manipulating his own bio-electric field, he could influence electric and magnetic fields around him, allowing him to produce EMP's from his body, shorting out all electricity around him, or simply turning powered devices on and off. This also allowed him to electrically charge his attacks and manipulate the emotions of his opponents by distorting the electric fields in their brains, causing anxiety, fear, or pain.


  • Costume
  • Knives - Bedlam has two knives hidden in holsters, one on each wrist.



  • In the comics, Bedlam is a member of the X-Force, and is good friends with fellow X-Force member, Peter Wisdom. Their interaction in the film is a minor reference to their comic book counterparts.


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