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Bishop (born Lucas Bishop) is a mutant with the ability to absorb energy and use the power in a red blast.


X-Men: Days of Future Past 2023

As the Sentinels are dispatched to find and kill mutants living underground, they adapt to any situation and change their forms. Iceman, Sunspot, Blink and Warpath fight the Sentinels while Shadowcat and Bishop run off into a closet somewhere. Bishop lays down and Kitty starts massaging his temples, sending his consciousness back in time. The others buy them time with their lives. A Sentinel snaps Sunspot's neck, Iceman has his head cut off and is crushed, Blink gets skewered and Warpath gets blasted to smithereens. As the Sentinel breaks through the closet and blasts fire, everything fades away; the past has been changed.

With the timeline altered, Bishop is seen in China. He is present in the monastery, and he and the team are by met by Professor X, Wolverine, Magneto, and Storm. When Professor X explains his plan to have Kitty send his consciousness back in time and stop the sentinels fro ever being created, but Kitty tells him wouldn't survive being sent back decades, the team decides to send Wolverine back into his past body in 1973 to change the events in their present time, as he is the only one who can survive. Bishop helps aid the team from the approaching Sentinels to allow Kitty to hold Wolverine's consciousness in the past just long enough to complete his mission. After blasting the Sentinel that killed Storm, he soon becomes surrounded by sentinels that learn to all provide him energy for his Energy Absorption power to take effect, effectively overloading him with too much power until he spontaneously combusts.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Due to Wolverine traveling back in time to January 1973, and preventing Bolivar Trask from being assassinated by Mystique, and changing the significant events after that point, the Sentinel Wars never took place. Thus the Free Mutants were never formed, and it’s members never killed in the future war.

Powers & Weaknesses

  • Energy Absorption- Bishop can absorb various forms of energy. In doing so, he remains unharmed by said forms of energy, thereby making it harder to injure him.
    • Energy Redirection - As shown, he is able to redirect the absorbed energy to his weapon.
    • Superhuman Strength- Via his energy absorption, he is able to enhance his strength.

  • Energy Overloading- If Bishop absorbs too much energy at once and can't redirect it, it can destroy his body, killing him instantly.


Original Timeline


  • In the comics, Bishop is of Aboriginal Australian origin. In the films, he is portrayed by French actor Omar Sy who is of Senegalese and Mauritanian origin. He also speaks with a West African accent. Bishop was constantly fighting with Cable, due to Bishop trying to hunt down Hope Summers after a future version of her was destined to kill millions.
  • Lucas Bishop is brother of Shard Bishop in the comics.

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