"Oh my God, I haven't seen you since-"
"And TGI Fridays!"
―Bob and Deadpool[src]

Bob is a soldier that formerly worked for Ajax, and is an old friend of Deadpool.



At some point, Bob met Wade Wilson during mercenary work in Jacksonville involving a T.G.I. Fridays. They became good friends, to the point Bob inviting Wade over for dinner with his family. Years later, the two would meet again on opposing sides. After a brief exchange over how things had been, Wade knocked Bob out and dragged him away to safety.


  • Use of Firearms - Bob is capable of using firearms


  • UTAS UTS-15 - Bob used this shotgun when attempting to repel Deadpool


  • Deadpool - Former Enemy, Friend
  • Ajax † - Former Boss
  • Gale - Wife
  • Unnamed children


  • In the comics, Bob worked for the terrorist organization known as HYDRA before meeting Deadpool and assisting him in various shenanigans.

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