This building complex constitutes the main headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency. It is located in Langley, Virginia, and has been used by the Agency since the 1960s.


In 1962, after locating Charles Xavier in Oxford, Moira MacTaggert brings him to the CIA's headquarters so that he can elaborate on the existence of mutants. Although many of those present, including Director John McCone, do not initially believe him, Raven Darkholme utilizes her metamorphic powers and mimics William Stryker Sr., another senior CIA official present at the meeting.

Prior to the covert-ops mission into Russia to apprehend Sebastian Shaw, MacTaggert meets with McCone to confirm the official status of the recently formed Division X team.

After Emma Frost was apprehended in Russia, she was detained in a prison cell in the basement of the headquarters.

A month after the Cuban Missile Crisis, McCone and other CIA and military officials were present at MacTaggert's debriefing of the incident. Unfortunately, since Xavier selectively wiped her memory, the debriefing session did not yield any useful information.  At the same time, the newly formed Brotherhood of Mutants frees Emma Frost from her cell.

Revised Timeline

In the revised timeline, Havok and Professor X decided to pay Moira MacTaggert a visit at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia to see what she knew about the tremors that arose in Cairo, where Moira was investigating En Sabah Nur, the oldest known mutant in existence.


  • Since 1999, the CIA's headquarters building has been officially known as the George Bush Center for Intelligence, named for George H.W. Bush (the 41st U.S. President and Director of the CIA in 1976-77). Prior to this, the headquarters had no official name.


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