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Caliban is a mutant who locates other mutants for a price and has a tendency to address himself in third-person


X-Men: Apocalypse

During one of his business ordeals, Caliban helped Mystique locate Nightcrawler. After the mutant later returns, Caliban advises her to take Nightcrawler to Xavier's school before cryptically informing her of Erik's return.

Later, Caliban is approached by Apocalypse and Storm. Caliban, however, does not identify En Sabah Nur, and stated he doesn't know who he is. When the mutant broker asks if he has any money, En Sabah Nur says he doesn't have any currency, and demands him for help. Caliban then pulls a gun on Apocalypse, but he disinigrates it. Psylocke then protects Caliban from him. Apocalypse then recruits his assistant, Psylocke, as the second member of his Four Horsemen.


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Caliban is shown to be extremely greedy and only interested in money, as shown when he pulled a gun on En Sabah Nur when he sayed that he didn't have any money.


  • X-Factor Detection: Caliban is able to detect those who possess the X-Gene.






  • In Marvel Comics, Caliban is one of the founding members of the Morlocks, a group of physically deformed mutants who live in the sewers beneath New York. With the help of his powers to detect other mutants, Caliban recruited most of the Morlock's original roster. After loosing most of his Morlock comrades during the Mutant Massacre caused by the mutant assassins The Marauders, Caliban is recruited by Apocalypse to become one of his Four Horsemen, replacing Angel as the horsemen Death. He is given super-human physical strength and enhanced psychic power. During the second incarnation of the Four Horsemen, Caliban becomes Pestilence, with the added power of causing a psychic plague.
  • "Caliban" is not the character's birth name, his abusive father gave him the name as a form of ridicule towards the young mutant's albino appearance and frail body. "Caliban" originates from William Shakespear's play The Tempest, it is the name of a bumbling minor antagonist known for his week physical appearance and meek personality.

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