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"That and more, I know that you control metal, and I know there are eighty-seven mutants in here and none above a Class Three, other than you two."

Callisto was the leader of a small band of outcast mutants sometimes referred to as The Omegas


X-Men: The Last Stand

Callisto and The Omegas

Callisto and the Omegas, also known as Omega Team, chose to ally themselves with Magneto and his Brotherhood, as they had similar beliefs. Callisto demonstrated her powers and soon became one of the leaders. Magneto asked Callisto to use her powers to locate mutants. They saved Mystique and recruited two new members: Juggernaut and Multiple Man.

At Jean Grey's old family home, she fights primarily against Storm.  In their first encounter, Callisto dominates Storm, using her super speed and fighting skills to batter her opponent around the house. Storm is barely able to put up any resistance to defend herself, and is unable to generate much offense. At the final battle on Alcatraz, Storm and Callisto once again fight against each other. The battle starts similar to the first, with Callisto gaining the upper hand early on, taking Storm down and landing some punishing blows to the stomach and face. However Storm manages to fight back and ends the fight by throwing Callisto against a fence and electrocutes her to death.

Powers and Abilities


  • X-Factor Detection: She was able to psionically sense the presence and mutant levels of other mutants.
  • Superhuman Speed: She was able to run much faster than a normal human being although she only seems to be able to run in short bursts.
    • Speed Physiology: Callisto's body was adapted to the rigors of high-speed movement. Her cardiovascular and respiratory systems were likely many times more efficient than those of a normal human being.


  • Combatant: Callisto is a very experienced fighter. This is shown when she overpowered Storm at Jean Grey's house, but was defeated and killed by Storm during their second fight however.





  • Unlike her comics counterpart, she does not sport an eyepatch and her powers in the film are an amalgamation of Quicksilver and Caliban.
  • In the comics, she is the leader of the Morlocks and in fact fought Storm over leadership.
  • Callisto and Arclight are allies in the films, however in the comics they are antagonists as the Marauders (which Arclight is a member of) massacred the Morlocks (who Callisto is the leader of).

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