Will Munson and James “Logan” Howlett encounter a group of corrupt Ranchers under the employ of Canewood.

Canewood Beverage was a Corn Product Refining Company operating in the 2020s. They were known to produce a popular form of Corn Syrup, created using genetically modified Corn. It was noted as being addictive, as people drank it to get a buzz. Unbeknownst to the general public however, Canewood and companies like it had dealings with organisations like Alkali-Transigen, which involved the genetically modified crops being tainted so as to eliminate the Mutant Genes from a Human Body, essentially wiping out the possibility of Natural Born Mutants and effectively driving Mutants to the brink of Extinction.


Canewood were shown to be a rather corrupt corporation, buying out the lands of numerous Corn farmers and using scare tactics on any that refused, such as sabotaging their Water treatment pumps and even poisoning pets. They also used the Ranchers under their employ to act as hired muscle to drive off anyone who would interfere.

Canewood also became involved in organisations like Transigen, and modified their products to be highly addictive while also tainting them with a solution that sterilised the Human body of any Mutant genes, which would eliminate the possibility of any Mutants being naturally born. This would eventually push Mutants to the brink of extinction by the year 2029.

Canewood also made use of gigantic automated Corn-Harvesting machines that genetically enhanced their crops, which farmers like Will Munson likened to as Dinosaurs with large bodies and tiny brains. Canewood also used automated trucks, which ran without cabs or drivers and were controlled by AI. The AI was shown to be sloppy however, as it did not stop for pedestrians and very nearly caused a fatal accident when one of them drove two trucks off the road.

Known Employees/Associates

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