Carl was an employee of Canewood, operating alongside his Boss Jackson in 2029. Along with his boss, he accosted the family of Will Munson, sabotaging his farm and causing him no end of hassle. He was killed in 2029 by X-24, a clone of the Mutant Wolverine.


One evening in 2029, Carl accompanied Jackson and a few other men to the water pump on his Boss’s property. Finding Will Munson and Logan attempting to fix the pump, Jackson attempted to force the two off of his property, with Carl agreeing on how it appeared that Will had hired some muscle. When Jackson threatened the two with a rifle, Logan disarmed him and broke his nose with the weapon. Carl tried to help his Boss up, and retreated with him when Logan demanded they leave.

Not long after, Carl followed his Boss to the Munson Farm to help him settle a score, bringing more men with guns. Carl noticed X-24 standing a few feet away, mistaking him for Logan. Jackson decided to make amends, attempting to bribe X-24 with five thousand dollars a week to join him. X-24 was uninterested, and when Jackson shot the clone in the shoulder, Carl could only watch in horror as X-24 decapitated his Boss with his Adamantium claws. Shocked, Carl yelled for the men to shoot him, an act which had little effect. Carl died when X-24 slashed his throat, collapsing to the floor and quickly bleeding out.


  • Carl was credited only as ‘Jackson’s Henchman’ in the 2017 Movie Logan.
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