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Cecilia Reyes was a mutant with the ability to generate force fields, who tried to make five young mutants control their powers to turn them into Essex Corporation's personal killers. She was also a mutant-specialized medical doctor in Milbury Hospital.[1]


Revised Timeline

The New Mutants

When Dani awakens in Milbury Hospital, Dr. Reyes calms her down as she explains to the younger mutant that she is the sole survivor of a massacre that took place at her reservation. Eventually she introduces her newest patient to the other four young teenagers in her care; Sam Guthrie, who can propel through the air, Illyana Rasputin, who can conjure magic and travel between another dimension called Limbo, Roberto da Costa, who can transform into a humanoid sun and Rahne Sinclair who has lycanthropy. She reveals to Dani during group therapy that all five of them have suffered a tragedy. Sam brought down a whole mine on his father and coworkers, whereas Roberto burned his girlfriend, Rahne escaped her religiously strict village who branded her and Illyana was haunted by her past in child slavery as well as otherworldly beings called the Smiley Men. Dr. Reyes is able to have them stay at the facility as she herself has the power to create force fields.

Dr.Reyes welcomes Dani at the Milbury Hospital.

Eventually, the young mutants come together when Illyana spikes Reyes' coffee with sleeping pills and they run amok on the hospital grounds. Later, Roberto is swimming with Illyana, until she disappears and the burning manifestation of his girlfriend Mariella appears. Reyes awakens in time and puts Roberto out in the pool. He demands that they leave and during the confrontation, Reyes puts Illyana in solitary confinement.

Reyes finally conducts an experiment on Dani and discovers that she can create illusions based on a person's psyche. As Dani goes under, she sees that Reyes has been conducting horrifying experiments on other Mutant children. Dr. Reyes prevents the two from fighting.

Later, her true intentions are revealed when Reyes consults her employers who turn out to be Essex Corporation and they instruct her to kill Dani. As Reyes takes Dani away, Rahne immediately suspects that something is wrong. Illyana and Sam are attacked by the Smiley Men while Roberto tries to break through the barrier which has shrunken down. Dani uses her powers to learn of Reyes' true intent, but Rahne arrives in time and severely injures Reyes, forcing her to flee. The New Mutants regroup and realize that in order to escape, they have to kill Reyes. They find her and she reveals that she was training them to be killers for Essex, but that Dani must die due to her dangerous Mutant abilities.

Just as Reyes is about to kill Dani with her powers, the Demon Bear, a creature that had been stalking Dani and was the one who attacked her reservation, arrives and mauled Reyes; destroying all the barriers. The gang carry an unconscious Dani away and Illyana summons her powers to jump between limbo and recruits a real life version of Lockheed to take on Demon Bear.

The Demon Bear attacks Dr.Reyes.

As the sun rises, the New Mutants collect their belongings. Sam notices that the barrier is no longer around them and they all decide to head into town, since Reyes had told them that the nearest town was twenty miles out. Not knowing if she was telling the truth, they all decide to head out together as a family; facing the unknown.

Powers and Abilities


  • Force Field Generation:

    Cecilia Reyes's Force Fields

    Cecilia had the mutant ability to create force fields of different sizes. She can make force fields small enough to contain a person or large enough to contain the Milbury Hospital and its surroundings. Cecilia Reyes' force fields proved to be strong enough to contain Dani, Illyana, Rahne, Sam, and Roberto at the same time and nearly suffocate them to death, as well as contain a powerful blow from the Soulsword.


  • Skilled Physician: Cecilia Reyes displays some medical know how. Enough to both aid and deter prospects.




  • Rosario Dawson was in talks to portray Cecilia Reyes for The New Mutants, but dropped out for unknown reasons.[2]
  • Her name appeared on the Department of Domestic Security and Defense computers in X2: X-Men United.
  • In the comics, Cecilia Reyes was actually a good person who did not care for super heroics. She did eventually join the X-Men and fought numerous antagonists, but always returned to her medical practice.
  • In the comics, Cecilia Reyes was of Afro-Puerto Rican descent. In the movie, she is portrayed by a tan Brazilian actress. This inaccuracy was criticized by New Mutants creator Bob McLeod who accused the filmmakers of whitewashing.


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