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China is a country located in East Asia.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

In 2023, China became the new hiding place for the last remaining X-Men. The X-Jet arrives at a Chinese temple in the moutains carrying Storm, Wolverine, Professor X and Magneto. Expecting them are Bishop, Warpath, Blink, Sunspot, Iceman, Shadowcat and Colossus.

Magneto, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Professor X and Iceman take refuge in the temple, while the others stand guard outside.

While Shadowcat is keeping Wolverine's consciousness in 1973, The Sentinels find them and the X-Men try to fend them off for as long as they can. One by One, the X-Men are getting killed off. Before they can terminate the last few inside the temple, the timeline is reset.

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