Dazzler is a mutant with the ability to generate light.


Revised Timeline

Post-Mission Party

In 1992, after the X-Men had successfully rescued a team of astronauts in space, Dazzler was singing at a party in the woods with the students of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in attendance. During her performance, Dazzler used her abilities to create a light show. When Jean lost control of the Phoenix Force and sent a telekinetic burst through the forest, Dazzler was knocked out like all the other mutants at the party.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • Light Projection: Dazzler has the ability to generate and manipulate light.


  • Singing: Dazzler is a talented singer, as seen when she performed at a party in the woods.


  • Although she did not make an onscreen appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse, a deleted scene from the film featured Cyclops holding up a record album with Dazzler on the cover. He jokingly told Jean that she looked similar to Dazzler.
  • Dazzler making her cinematic debut in X-Men: Dark Phoenix is fitting as the character first appeared in comics during "The Dark Phoenix Saga".
  • Dazzler's real name in the comics, Alison Blaire, appeared on the Department of Domestic Security and Defense computers in X2: X-Men United.


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