"Believe it or not, Deadpool 2 is a family film. True story. And every good family film starts with a vicious murder."

Deadpool 2 is the sequel to Deadpool and the eleventh installment in the X-Men film series. It was released worldwide on May 18, 2018.

An extended cut of the film, dubbed the Super Duper Cut was released on August 7, 2018, and a re-cut, PG-13 version of the film was released theatrically in December 2018.


After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry's hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World's Best Lover.[1]


Two years after the events of the first filmDeadpool/Wade Wilson has become a mercenary who works worldwide, killing various criminals. Following an aborted attempt on the life of the head of a drug cartel operating in his home city, Deadpool returns home to his girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle to celebrate their anniversary. Deadpool gifts Vanessa a skee-ball token, in reference to their first date, and the two agree to start a family. Later that night the drug lord attacks Wade at his home and, in the process, Vanessa dies. Wade chases the criminal through the streets and embraces him on the road as a truck runs into them and kills the drug lord.

Six weeks later Deadpool decides to kill himself by blowing up his apartment with several barrels of high-grade fuel. During his 'death', Wade has a vision of Vanessa in the afterlife; she says that his heart is not the right place yet, leaving Wade confused. Colossus arrives at the now-destroyed apartment and brings a dismembered Wade back to the Xavier Mansion in an attempt to recruit Deadpool into the X-Men and help him get through his grief. Deadpool eventually agrees to join the X-Men and, together with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead , responds to a situation involving a young mutant named Russell Collins, who calls himself Firefist, being able to produce extremely high temperatures from his fists that can ignite nearby objects. After several failed attempts to calm down Russell, Wade discovers that the headmaster and staff of the orphanage have abused him, physically, and ends up shooting one of the staff; this leads to both Deadpool's and Russell's arrest, whereupon they are restrained with collars that negate their mutant powers, including Deadpool's healing factor which means Deadpool's cancer begins to briskly kill him.

Wade and Russell are taken to the Icebox; an isolated mutant prison that houses several dozen mutant criminals, including Black Tom Cassidy, wearing the same collars. During their incarceration, the facility is broken into by Cable, a cybernetic mutant from the future who has traveled to the past in order to kill Russell. Deadpool manages to throw himself and Cable out of the prison while Russell stays inside. Deadpool has another vision of Vanessa who helps him realize that he has a chance to save the boy and redeem himself for not being able to save Vanessa.

Deadpool organizes a team of other mutants with Weasel to fight Cable and save Russell, consisting of DominoBedlamShatterstarZeitgeistVanisher, and Peter (a normal human), whom he calls X-Force. Together, X-Force launch their assault on a prison truck transporting the prisoners and Russell to a new site by leaping from a plane and parachuting in, though all members other than Deadpool and Domino die in the landing due to various accidents. Domino infiltrates the truck but encounters Cable who launches his assault and tries to kill Russell. During the fight on the truck between Deadpool and Cable, Russell manages to free the Juggernaut  who devastates the truck and escapes with Russell. Cable decides to team up with Deadpool after realizing the Juggernaut is free and together they agree to stop Russell from killing the abusive headmaster, an act which sets Russell down a path that ends with the death of Cable's family – the reason for Cable traveling back to the past in the first place. Deadpool agrees to help Cable if he gives him 30 seconds to talk to Russell to try to prevent him killing the headmaster.

Deadpool, Cable, and Domino arrive at the orphanage to stop Russell and the Juggernaut but face difficulty fighting the latter, who proves too powerful for them. However, Colossus arrives and distracts him long enough for Cable and Deadpool to catch up with Russell. Cable and Deadpool manage to reach Russell before he has a chance to kill the headmaster and Deadpool tries his best to talk him down; even putting on the collar to halt his healing factor and offer himself in the headmaster's place. Cable takes a shot at Russell, but Deadpool leaps in front of the bullet and is shot in the heart. After a long death scene, Deadpool finally dies and succeeds in saving Russell, who loses his desire for revenge, and succeeds in saving Cable's family in the future; evidenced by the formerly-burned teddy bear Cable has been carrying returning to normal. Deadpool's death allows him to reunite with Vanessa, though she once again tells him that it is not yet his time. Feeling remorseful, Cable travels back in time to just before the fight and discreetly places the skee-ball token he had previously taken from Deadpool over his heart, stopping the bullet that would have otherwise killed him. The headmaster is run over by Dopinder following some additional anti-mutant remarks.

During the mid-credits, Deadpool has Negasonic Teenage Warhead and her girlfriend, Yukio, repair Cable's time-travelling device to allow him to perform several tasks, including saving Vanessa and Peter from their deaths, shooting dead X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s version of Deadpool in an effort to "fix the timeline", and finally actor Ryan Reynolds after he reads and approves the movie script for the Green Lantern film.



In September 2015, producer Simon Kinberg said that a sequel for Deadpool is in development.[12] In February 2016, Ryan Reynolds told IGN that he would like to portray his character for the rest of his life.[13] Also, during the same month, the film was greenlit three days before the first film's release, and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick already signed on to return, and while director Tim Miller isn't attached just yet, Fox is hoping to bring him back in order to reunite the creative team who have made this first film.[14][15]

Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in Deadpool having a boyfriend saying "I love that about Deadpool. I love that he can break any boundary. In the future, I hope we get to do that more...I certainly wouldn’t be the guy standing in the way of that. That would be great."[16]

In June 2016, Kinberg said that a completed draft from Wernick and Rheese was expected "soon", and that they were looking to begin filming the sequel at the beginning of 2017.[17] By August, Kyle Chandler was believed to be in the running to portray Cable.[18] Testing of actresses for Domino had also begun by October, with the shortlist of actresses under consideration including Lizzy Caplan, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sienna Miller, Sofia Boutella, Stephanie Sigman, Sylvia Hoeks, Mackenzie Davis, Ruby Rose, Eve Hewson, and Kelly Rohrbach.[19] The producers were particularly interested in casting a black or Latina actress in the role.

It was reported that Deadpool 2 will be released on January 12, 2018, following the release of Logan.[20]

In October 2016, Miller was no longer part of the sequel due to creative differences with Reynolds over the casting of Cable and the film's direction, either a raunchy comedy or a stylized superhero movie.[21] The rift between the pair was reportedly based on several factors, including Reynolds' expanded creative control over the sequel; Miller's wish for a more stylized follow-up than the first film, versus Reynolds' focus "on the raunchy comedy style that earned the first movie its R rating"; and Miller's intention to cast Chandler as Cable, which Reynolds opposed. Fox ultimately backed "its marketable star" over Miller, who had made his directorial debut with the first film.[22] Miller denied these reported reasons, while Reynolds said, "All I can really add is that I'm sad to see him off the film. Tim's brilliant and nobody worked harder on Deadpool than he did".[23][24] A week after Miller's departure, Fox was looking at David Leitch, Drew Goddard, Magnus Martens, and Rupert Sanders as potential replacements for the director.[25][26] Leitch was the "strong frontrunner" for the role, and signed on to direct a month later.[27] Reynolds, a fan of Leitch's John Wick, said the director "really understands those Deadpool sensibilities and where we need to take the franchise from here." He added that Leitch "can make a movie on an ultra tight minimal budget look like it was shot for 10–15 times what it cost.[28]

Despite the initial release date of January 12, 2018, it was then reported that Deadpool 2 was pushed to back to March 2, 2018.[29]

In November 2016, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Leitch will direct the sequel.[30]

Reese and Wernick had completed multiple drafts of the script by January 2017, and "It’s taken different twists and turns, but it’s really coalescing"; the film was still on track to begin filming that year. The pair felt a responsibility to explore the team X-Force, which includes Deadpool, Cable, and Domino in the comics, with Reese saying the sequel's purpose "is not to set up X-Force [but] it will likely set up X-Force.[31][32] He did clarify that though the film will be "populated with a lot of is still Deadpool's movie". The pair confirmed that Stefan Kapicic's Colossus, Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Karan Soni's Dopinder would be returning from the first film to "make at least an appearance", and that the film would not be exploring the details of Cable's convoluted comic origins.[33][3][2][34][4][35]

By February, it had been noted that there had been few announcements from Fox regarding the film, and that a release date had not yet been set which was seen as unusual for sequels to popular films (often studios "announce sequels far too soon and with no idea what will happen"), with the issue deemed to be the film's script. Reynolds, Reese, and Wernick had been "bunkered down, working on the script together, trying to cross the finish line and create something everyone is excited to make", and now Goddard was joining the project to consult on the script.[36]

By the beginning of March, Michael Shannon had been in the running to portray Cable, but no longer could due to a scheduling conflict.[37] David Harbour had screen-tested for the role, and Pierce Brosnan was believed to be in negotiations for a part in the film, potentially Cable.[38][39] Reynolds announced shortly after that Zazie Beetz had been cast as Domino.[40] Later on in the month, Shannon was in the running to portray Cable again, and was considered the frontrunner, with Fox also looking at a shortlist of other actors that included Harbour.[41] Brad Pitt had also been considered for the role, and expressed interest in taking it on, but had "moved on". Leitch soon addressed the potential casting of these actors, saying Shannon "would make an incredible Cable...If that happens, I would be through the roof"; and on Pitt, "We had a great meeting with Brad, he was incredibly interested in the property. Things didn't work out schedule-wise. He's a fan, and we love him, and I think he would've made an amazing Cable".[42][43] At the end of March, Morena Baccarin confirmed her return from the first film as Vanessa Carlysle, and expressed interest in exploring the character's Copycat persona from the comics in the sequel.[44]

Josh Brolin emerged as a "surprise contender" to play Cable in April, ahead of Shannon and Harbour, and was officially cast in the role.[45] Leslie Uggams confirmed that she would be reprising her role of Blind Al from the first film, while Fox gave the sequel a June 1, 2018 release date.[5][46][47]

In May, Fox was reportedly looking to use a post-credits scene at the end of Deadpool 2 to introduce several other members of X-Force who would go on to star alongside Reynolds, Brolin, and Beetz in an X-Force film. Casting for the characters-Sunspot, Feral, and Shatterstar-would take place over the coming months, though Reese denied the accuracy of this report.[48] Later on in the month, T.J. Miller confirmed that he would return from the first film as Weasel, and described the sequel as "even more weaselicious" than the first. He noted that Reynolds and the writers had "really put the time in on the script" to meet their own expectations for the sequel as well as those of fans.[49] Jack Kesy also joined the cast, as Black Tom Cassidy.[50]

In June, Shioli Kutsuna was cast in a key role for the film.[51] Initial filming began on June 17, 2017, at Hatley Castle in Canada, which is used to portray the X-Mansion in the X-Men films.[52] Principal photography began in Vancouver on June 26, under the working title Love Machine, with Jonathan Sela serving as cinematographer for the film.[53][54] At the end of the month, Ryan Reynolds revealed that Julian Dennison was an additional cast member for the film.[55]

The next month, July, T.J. Miller said that he found the sequel to be funnier than the first film, and that "it’s not going to be the same movie in a different location [like The Hangover Part II]. It’s got different stakes, different things happen, some pretty tragic, dark shit happens in the first part of the film, in the beginning, and the rest of the film is kind of dealing with that".[56] By then, Kapičić had been working with Leitch on the set, and expected to continue contributing to Colossus through to April 2018.[57]

On August 14, during filming, stunt woman Joi "SJ" Harris died in a motorcycle accident after losing control and crashing into Shaw Tower. Harris, the first African-American female professional road racer, was working on the film as a stunt performer for the first time and had only joined the production a week before. Harris was not wearing a helmet because the character she was portraying, Domino, does not wear one in the scene, and there had not been time since she joined the film to create one for her to fit underneath the Domino wig. She had two full days of rehearsing the stunt as well as five more attempts on the day of the accident.[58] Veteran stunt double Melissa Stubbs had been available and willing to do the stunt, but the inexperienced Harris was preferred due to her skin color being a match for Beetz. This decision was criticized by multiple stunt professionals, with many noting that Harris's experiences racing motorcycles did not necessarily qualify her as an able stunt performer.[59] Production on the film was shut down immediately after the incident, but resumed two days later.[60] With this news also came reports that the film's crew were "enduring very long hours" and were "exhausted by the schedule", with a member of the studio confirming that some days had gone beyond the scheduled 12–13 hours filming, up to 15–plus–hours.

At the end of August, Eddie Marsan revealed that he was on set for a role in the film.[61] Filming in Vancouver was expected to last in Vancouver until October 6, with production on Deadpool 2 being officially completed on October 14.[62][63]

The first teaser poster, which pays homage to Norman Rockwell's 1943 painting Freedom from Want, was released in November. Justin Carter of Comic Book Resources found it "oddly appropriate for Deadpool 2 to co-opt [this] iconic work for a modern pop culture audience" as it is "true to Deadpool's incredibly referential nature."[64] Diaz of Nerdist said, "It strikes exactly the irreverent tone you'd expect for the Deadpool sequel".[65] Fox revealed on November 15, that the film was technically untitled at that point, and not officially known as Deadpool 2 as had been assumed; the studio was temporarily referring to the film as "Untitled Deadpool Sequel".[66] On the same day, a teaser trailer for the film was officially released, with the trailer also paying tribute artist Bob Ross.[67] After the trailer was released, Stefan Kapicic revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Negasonic Teenage Warhead is now a full-fledged member of the X-Men, as described in his statement "She's progressing, as you can see. She is not my trainee anymore".[68]

In early-mid December, a second teaser poster teased a name, "The Second Coming". The poster itself was a parody of Michelangelo’s "The Creation of Adam" painting, with Deadpool portraying Adam, and Cable portraying God.[69][70][71]

On January 11, 2018, the film was moved up to May 18, 2018, two weeks before it’s initial release date: June 1, 2018.[72][73] Towards the end of January, Collider reported that the first official trailer for Deadpool 2 will be playing in theaters attached to Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, which hits theaters on February 16th. Additionally, Fox plans to release the Deadpool 2 trailer online on Valentine’s Day.[74]

In February, during the week of the Super Bowl, a new trailer for the film was released later that week, focusing on introducing Cable.[75] Terry Crews was revealed to have a role in the film, the character Shatterstar was confirmed to be appearing, and the production returned to Vancouver for six days of reshoots under a new working title, Daisy.[76]

At the beginning of March, the Deadpool 2 standees that were on display at movie theaters hinted at the film's potential title.[77][78] While some reports emerged by mid-March claiming that the reshoots were due to poor audience responses during test screenings of the film, and consisted of sweeping changes, the film was soon confirmed to be testing better than the original did, up to 98 out of 100 over three different tests (compared to a maximum score of 91 during tests of the first film). Because of this, the reshoots were adding more of the elements that audiences responded positively to, including additional material featuring Cable and Domino.[79] By the end of the month, two hours-worth of filming had taken place in Los Angeles for a then-secret cameo appearance, and the film's first full trailer was released on March 22.[80][81][82][83][84] Officially titling the film Deadpool 2, the trailer also revealed that Crews was portraying Bedlam; that Rob Delaney was in the film, portraying Peter; and that Bill Skarsgård also had a role.[85][86] At the end of the month, it was confirmed that Lewis Tan will be portraying Shatterstar.[7][87] The mutant, Zeitgeist was revealed to be one of the characters featured in the film as part of the X-force.[88][89] Following the release of the new Deadpool 2 trailer, it has been heavily speculated that Julian Dennison will be portraying the mutant Rusty Collins, aka Firefist.[90][91][92][93]



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