Death was a mutant and one of Apocalypse's original four lieutenants.


X-Men: Apocalypse

Since the days of Ancient Egypt, Death served as one of Apocalypse's four lieutenants and, during one of her master's consciousness transferal rituals in a pyramid, some of his worshipers attempted to entomb him alive by destroying the structure's supports. Using her telekinetic abilities, Death defended Apocalypse from multiple attackers alongside the other lieutenants.

However, the pyramid soon fell apart and the four were crushed by the debris. Having managed to complete the transfer, Death had created a shield around Apocalypse before her demise, allowing the mutant to lay dormant for many years. Angel would later take Death's place when Apocalypse returned and recruited new followers.


Death was shown to be extremely loyal to Apocalypse, even defending her master at the cost of her own life.


  • Telekinesis: Death was capable of manipulating and otherwise exerting force on targets around her with an invisible force or with an aura of white energy. She was able to use this aura to lift a man into the air, contort his entire body from the inside out, and toss him across a room with mere hand gestures.
    • Shield Generation: Death was capable of forming bubbles of white energy around individuals, as shown when she generated one to protect Apocalypse. It takes the form of a blast of telekinetic energy that forms a orb around the body.
  • Mind Control: Death was able to cause a mutant with a healing factor to sleep simply by commanding it.




  • Traitors


  • The actors and actresses who portrayed the first incarnation of the Horsemen of Apocalypse were stunt doubles from the previous X-Men films.
  • Death was the second in command of Apocalypse.
  • She was the last of original Four Horsemen to die.

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