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Department of Domestic Security and Defense computers contained files on individuals and organizations related to mutants.


Original Timeline

Obtaining Information

The mutant shapeshifter known as Mystique infiltrated the Department of Domestic Security and Defense disguised as Yuriko Oyama. She mimicked William Stryker's voice in order to gain access to Erik Lehnsherr's files on a computer. After printing the information needed to break Erik free from his prison, Mystique stumbled across files pertaining to Cerebro on another computer. While she waited for those files to be printed as well, the real Yuriko Oyama made her way to the computer room. Fortunately, Mystique was able to escape disguised as a janitor.


First Computer


Second Computer


Organizations and Programs



  • Several individuals listed on the computers had their names misspelled:
    • Roberto da Costa was spelt as "Roberto DaCosta".
    • Lorna Dane was spelt as "Lorne Dane".
    • Kenuichio Harada was spelt as "Keniucho Harada".
    • Erik Lehnsherr was spelt as "Eric M. Lensherr". It should be noted, however, that his name was spelt as "Eric Lehnsherr" in the film credits of the original trilogy. It was later retconned to "Erik Lehnsherr" in the beginnings trilogy.
    • Xi'an Coy Manh was spelt as "Xi'an Coy Mahn".
    • Kevin MacTaggert was spelt as "Kevin McTaggart".
  • The Maximoffs listed on the computer are a reference to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, whose real names are Pietro and Wanda Maximoff respectively. Quicksilver debuted in X-Men: Days of Future Past as "Peter Maximoff", while Scarlet Witch's existence was alluded to in the Rogue Cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past as an unnamed sister mentioned by Peter's mother.[1]
  • Lorna Dane, Andrea von Strucker, and Andreas von Strucker appeared as characters in The Gifted.
  • They also feature Alpha Flight, a Canadian superhero team