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Eden was a hidden safe haven for the mutant X-23 children to go after they escaped the Transigen Project in Mexico City.


Based off of a location in the X-Men Comic Books, Eden was the place the X-23 children agreed to meet after escaping Transigen. Laura, with the help of X-Men members Charles Xavier and Logan, managed to reach the location (though tragically at the cost of Charles' life). Logan having been physically and emotionally exhausted from fighting off the Reavers and X-24, over the long journey, passed out and was treated for his injuries by the children over the following days.


  • The coordinates revealed in the movie, for the location of the Eden, are, in real life, located in what appears to be a agricultural field in North Dakota, very close to Canada. However, unlike the movie version, the coordinates is actually surrounded by a huge area of agricultural fields that go way further more into Canada, instead of a forest where nowhere seems to live, just like how it's shown in the movie. In real life, the Eden would probably be located in someone's property, assuming the modern geography of the location remains unchanged until 2029. Either way, the rocky formations found in the movie seem unlikely to be found in the determined location, and the movie doesn't seem to show any signs of the existence of the nearby Upper Des Lacs Lake.