Edie Lehnsherr was the mother of Magneto.


X-Men and X-Men: First Class

Because of their Jewish heritage, the Lehnsherr family was transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland in 1944. Edie tried to look for her son when they were seperated, but was pushed away with her husband, Jakob.

X-Men: First Class

When Erik was brought before Klaus Schmidt, he was told to move a Reichsmark coin with his magnetic powers. After he couldn't, Schmidt sent his mother in and threatened that after the count of three, he would kill her.  Edie repeatedly assured her son that it would be all right as he desperately tried to move the coin.  After he failed to move the coin by the time Schmidt reached three, Edie was shot dead, igniting Erik's powers in a fit of rage and grief.

Erik's love and grief for his mother was something he continued carrying with him all his life, and he was determied to avenge her death. When Charles Xavier attempted to help him find "the balance between rage and serenity" to expand his magnetic power further, he discovered a repressed memory of Erik as a child, lighting Hanukkah candles with his mother which reduced both Erik and Charles to tears.  When Erik finally cornered Sebastian Shaw (Schmidt had merely been an alias) he told him that, although he agreed with Shaw's belief that mutants should succeed mankind and dominate the future, he could not forgive Shaw's murder of his mother.  He then killed Shaw with the very Nazi coin that had caused Edie's death in the first place.






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