The Endeavour Rescue Mission was a mission conducted by the X-Men to rescue the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour after it was critically damaged by the Phoenix Force.


In the years following their battle against Apocalypse, the X-Men had become world famous celebrities and superheroes. Charles' dream of mutants and humans living in peace together had come to pass, with Xavier even having been in close contact with the President. However, Mystique believed that the X-Men's fame had gone to Charles' head and that he was putting the team in increasingly dangerous missions just for the glory, even though he was never the one in danger. Once students, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Storm and Quicksilver were now teachers for the next generation of mutants.

Rescue Mission

  • The Endeavor Space Shuttle Crew are in danger of being hit by a solar flare as the shuttle breaks apart.
  • President George Bush contacts Charles Xavier for assistance.
  • The X-Men in the X-Jet embark on their mission.
  • Arriving at the scene Raven has Cyclops fire a hole in the Shuttle to allow Nightcrawler and Quicksilver to teleport in.
  • Quicksilver manages to get to most of the crew and has Nighcrawler teleport them back to the Blackbird.
  • The team discover that the Captain has been left behind and much to Raven‘s chagrin Charles insist they go back for him despite their time window closing
  • Jean uses her powers to hold the Shuttle together long enough for Nightcrawler to get the captain to safety.The solar flare hits before Kurt can get Jean to safety and she is nearly killed.
  • Kurt teleports Jean back to the ship where she reveals herself perfectly fine much to the teams relief.


  • The X-Men return to the X-Mansion and are congratulated by both Charles Xavier and the students.
  • Charles and Raven argue over Charles putting the team in danger.
  • Jean discovers that her powers have been increased ten fold.


  • This is the only time in the entire franchise that the film versions of the X-Men ever went into space, despite it being a semi-frequent event for their comic counterparts.
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