Famine was a mutant and one of Apocalypse's original four lieutenants.


X-Men: Apocalypse


Since the days of Ancient Egypt, Famine served as one of Apocalypse's four lieutenants and, during one of her master's consciousness transferal rituals in a pyramid, some of his worshipers attempted to entomb him alive by destroying the structure's supports. She protected Apocalypse during the time of his betrayal, by using the flames near them to burn the betrayers, but that led to her demise. Storm would later take Famine's place when Apocalypse returned and recruited new followers.


Famine was shown to be extremely loyal to Apocalypse, even defending her master at the cost of her own life.


Famine using her pyrokinetic abilities to incinerate the traitors

  • Fire Manipulation: Famine was capable of manipulating fire.She helped protect Apocalypse's new body by drawing the flames from the four nearby pyres and flinging them at attackers all around her.




  • Traitors


  • The actors and actresses who portrayed the first incarnation of the Horsemen of Apocalypse were stunt doubles from the previous X-Men films. Rochelle Okoye was also Alexandra Shipp's double in Apocalypse, having doubled for Halle Berry - Shipp's predecessor as Storm - in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • Famine's charred corpse uses the same CGI model as Sunspot's deceased model from Days of Future Past.

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