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"I know you're still good inside. I know you want to help us."
―Gabriela to Logan[src]

Gabriela Lopez was a nurse who formerly worked for Alkali-Transigen. She was also the primary guardian of X-23.



Gabriela was a nurse working for Alkali-Transigen's Mexico branch, supervising the cloned children under the intense supervision of Doctor Zander Rice and his hand-picked enforcer Donald Pierce of the Reavers. She, along with her fellow nurses attempt to nurture the children and raise them properly, but are constantly shut down by Rice, who claims the children are not children, but items with copyrights, and are worth a fair sum of money.

When Rice deems the cloning project a failure, he orders the children to be "put to sleep", and all files erased of the project itself. Unknown to Rice, Gabriela had recorded many events that transpired in the facility, and released at least twenty children, sending them to Eden, a safe haven for Mutants.

Gabriela takes it upon herself to get Laura to James Howlett, thinking the old hero would help her, as she'd heard he was working as a limo driver in El Paso. She attempted to contact the old mutant at a funeral, who told her to leave him alone. Later she called him to pick herself and Laura up at a motel, begging for his help, claiming her boyfriend was trying to kill them, and that Laura was her daughter. Logan accepts the job after being told he'd be paid a significant sum.

The following morning, Gabriela is killed, presumably by Donald Pierce while Laura escaped with Logan. Later, when viewing a recording, Gabriela revealed what happened in the Alkali facility, and claimed even though Logan may not love Laura, she is his daughter.[1]


  • Donald Pierce † - Former Ally turned Enemy and Killer
  • Zander Rice † - Former Boss
  • Reavers † - Mercenaries

  • Trivia

    • Her role is similar to Sarah Kinney from the comics, as she's the one who gets Laura out of the facility and towards Logan, and even dies before critical information is given to Logan. A key difference, however is that Laura accidently kills Sarah while it's the Reavers who kill Gabriela. Another being, Sarah is Laura's real mother, while Gabriela was simply her ward.

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