Geneva is the 2nd-most populous city in Switzerland, and is one of the 26 cantons of Swiss nation.


X-Men: First Class

In 1962, Erik Lehnsherr is present in Geneva on his international manhunt for Sebastian Shaw, and owns a private apartment where he conducts his research. On the wall opposite his bed, Erik has constructed an extensive map containing the thread links to Sebastian Shaw's Nazi affiliates and those that have had other connections to Shaw. Erik glares intensely at an illustration of Sebastian Shaw's Nazi alias "Klaus Schmidt", before hurling the coin Schmidt gave him as a child directly into his forehead.

Erik later meets with a Swiss Bank Manager in a private session, presenting him with a bar of Nazi gold, asking to know its origin. The Bank Manager attempts to sound an alarm, but Erik prevents him from pressing it with his powers. Erik demands to know the location of Klaus Schmidt, but the manager states that such details are confidential. Erik tortures the manager by prizing a metal filling in his mouth, eventually coercing the location of Klaus Schmidt from him - Villa Gesell, Argentina. Erik thanks the bank manager, but states that if Schmidt is alerted of his arrival beforehand, he will return to kill him.

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