"It's my daughter's teddy bear. Her name's Hope."
Cable to Deadpool[src]

Hope is the daughter of Cable.


Hope and her mother were attacked by Firefist, who had become enemies with Cable in his timeline. As revenge, Firefist attacked Hope and her mother in their family home and burnt them to death. Cable stumbled upon their charred corpses, and decided to use a Cable's time traveling device to travel through time, with the intention of killing Firefist before he committed his first murder.

After Deadpool convinces Russell to have a chance of heart when Deadpool sacrifices his life for him, Firefist does not kill Hope and her mother in the future. However, when uses the device to save Deadpool from dying and Russell still has a chance of heart, Hope and her mother still survive in the future.







  • Cable mentions her name as being Hope, but she is listed as "Cable's Daughter" in the credits for Deadpool 2.
  • In the comics, Hope was the adopted daughter of Cable and was a Messianic figure destined to save both mutant and humankind. She was constantly being hunted causing Cable to take her into the future. Bishop made it his personal mission to hunter her down, knowing that she has the potential to kill millions.
  • In the comics,Hope has red hair, green eyes and a "close" relationship with the Phoenix. This has led some fans to assume that she is Jean Grey reincarnated, though this has not been confirmed.

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