"I see you've come to fight. It's pointless. You're weak. You're outnumbered. The Black Clan has protected the House of Yashida for seven hundred years."
Kenuichio Harada[src]

The Incursion on Yashida Headquarters was a mission carried out by Wolverine and Yukio with the intent to rescue Mariko Yashida from her grandfather the Silver Samurai.



Village Fight

Inside the Headquarters


Ichirō, Viper and the Black Clan are all killed, however at cost to Wolverine, having lost his adamantium claws during the battle. Mariko takes her rightful place as the head of Yashida Corporation, promising to remove the corruption that her father and grandfather brought to it. Logan having finally made peace with his demons, decides to return home, despite Mariko wanting him to stay with her in Japan. Logan boards a private jet but is soon joined by Yukio, still happily referring to herself as Logan's bodyguard, ready to accompany him on his next adventure.

Some years later, Logan is at an airport, where he is approached by Professor X and Magneto, who warn him of Trask Industries plan and ask for his help in stopping the potential end of mutant-kind.

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