Ink (born Eric Gitter) is a mutant who has the power to utilize different abilities through the various tattoos on his body.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

In 1973, Ink is present in Vietnam when William Stryker arrives to appropriate a group of mutant G.Is including Havok, Daniels and Toad for research purposes by Trask Industries. Mystique arrives, posing as an U.S. Army colonel, and reveals her true form to Stryker, dispatching the guards. Ink also incapacitated several of the guards by inserting an illness using his right palm which contained a tattoo of a biohazard symbol. Under the aid of Mystique, Ink and the other mutant soldiers escaped capture by boarding a plane back to America.

In the original timeline, by the year 2023, an elderly Ink had been captured and was sent to a mutant concentration camp in New York City. However, in the revised timeline, following his departure from Vietnam, Ink watched the Magneto's speech on the news during the unveiling of the Sentinel program.


  • Mutant Tattoos - Ink possesses tattoos printed on different parts of his body, each representing and granting him a different ability. Ink has a biohazard symbol on his right palm, a Caduceus symbol right hand and forearm, two lighting bolt symbols on his head, the symbol of Colossus organic steel skin on his left hand and forearm and a Phoenix symbol over his right eye.
    • Illness Inducement- The biohazard symbol on his right palm grants him the ability to induce sicknesses onto other people. When directed at other people (without any visible energy projection between them), this causes his target to suffer the effects of radiation poisoning: specifically, it made them start vomiting uncontrollably, though it is unclear if prolonged exposure would have done more damage.


Original Timeline



Revised Timeline




  • In Marvel Comics, Ink's full name is Eric Gitter. His last name can be seen on his military uniform in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • Unlike his film counterpart, Ink is not a mutant in the main Marvel Comics continuity. He received his powers from tattoos inscribed on his skin by another mutant.
  • Possesses many of the same tattoos as his Earth-616 counterpart, including a phoenix over his right eye, a lightning bolt across his right temple, armor-like banding on his left hand and up his forearm, an explosive symbol on his right bicep and a biohazard symbol on his right palm.

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