Jackson was a corrupt Rancher under the employ of Canewood Beverage in the late 2020s. Along with his henchman Carl, he was shown to accost the family of Will Munson, a farmer who refused to bow to Canewood’s influence.


Sometime prior to 2029, Jackson was employed by Canewood to maintain the cornfields in a southern region of the United States of America. He was seen to proclaim himself as "the law around here" and was not afraid to threaten people with violence if things did not go his way.

One evening in 2029, Jackson, his henchman Carl, and a few other men arrived at the water pump on "his" property to find Will Munson and Logan repairing it so that Will can get water to his home. Jackson started a dispute which only escalated after Logan told him to get back into his truck and leave. Unimpressed, Jackson cocked his rifle in a threatening manner and began counting to three, telling them to leave by the time he finished counting. Logan quickly disarmed him and broke his nose with his own rifle, before breaking the weapon over his knee. Angered, Jackson and his men retreated into his truck and left.

A short time after, Jackson returned to the Munson Farm with a bandaged nose and more weapons, intending to settle a score. He arrived at the worst possible time however, as X-24, a feral clone of Logan, was currently raiding the premises. Carl noticed X-24 and mistook him for Logan, pointing him out as "that asshole". Thinking him to be Logan, Jackson opted to make "peace", offering X-24 five thousand dollars a week if he sided with him. When X-24 approached, Jackson pulled his sidearm and threatened him, and shot X-24 in the shoulder when he was undeterred. Enraged, X-24 popped his Adamantium claws, and promptly decapitated a shocked Jackson, swiftly ending his life for good. X-24 then moved onto his troops and terminated them all.



  • Carl † - Coworker


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