Kathryn Munson is the wife of rancher Will Munson and the mother of their son Nate. She and her family befriended Wolverine, Professor X, and Laura before being killed by X-24.


Kathryn and her family were driving home one day when an automatic truck forced both her’s and Logan’s vehicles off the road. In the confusion, their horses were set free from their box and ran amok, before being calmed by the Psychic Charles Xavier and safely returned to their masters. When Logan helped get their car back on the road, Kathryn insisted that the trio join them for dinner as a way of showing gratitude, which Charles enthusiastically accepted.

That evening, Kathryn and her family dined with their new friends, having Nate say Grace and thanking the lord for their new friends who came to their aid. As they bonded over dinner, Charles and Logan joked about the School that Charles formerly ran, and how Logan wasn’t a very good pupil. After dinner, Kathryn invited the group to stay the night. After Logan put Charles to bed, the former helped Will to repair the water treatment system in the field, which Will suspected to be sabotage from Canewood employees.

Soon after, Kathryn was about to go to sleep when X-24 invaded her home, fatally wounding Charles and murdering her son. When she equipped a 12 gauge and attempted to stop X-24, who was abducting Laura, she only managed to get off one shot as she warned her husband not to come upstairs. She was then gruesomely cut down by X-24, and her husband soon followed, although Will was able to briefly take down X-24 by pinning him to his tractor and shooting him repeatedly in the head.

Her death, along with her Husband and son’s, would be avenged days later by Logan and Laura, who would kill X-24 and his creator, Zander Rice.[1]


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  • X-24 † - Enemy and Killer

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