"We will accept your surrender with respect."
―Kenuichio Harada[src]

Kenuichio Harada was Mariko's former love interest.


X2: X-Men United

His name appeared on William Stryker's computer.

The Wolverine

As an associate of Master Yashida, Harada was seen on the roof-top of a building during the funeral of Yashida. As Mariko was getting kidnapped, Harada assisted Yukio and Wolverine in attempt to prevent the kidnapping. He is later revealed to be a former fiancee of Mariko.

He is later seen negotiating with Viper to kidnap Mariko in order to capture Wolverine for her associate, The Silver Samurai.

Before Mariko is about to be executed by her father Shingen, Harada and the Black Clan came to her rescue and took her to a research base located in Master Yashida's birth place.

With his personal squad of ninjas called the Black Clan, he prevented Logan from reaching the abandoned research facility to rescue Mariko using bow and arrows to penetrate Logan with the poison provided by Viper leaving Logan captured.

As Logan was captured, Harada was with Mariko before being stabbed so she could then rescue Logan.

When the Silver Samurai emerged, Harada joined forces with Yukio and Logan after realizing that he was being used, which lead him to his death.


Original Timeline


  • In the comics, Harada is a mutant with the ability to create a Tachyon pulse around any object, thus, allowing it to cut through any material by splitting the molecular bonds.
    • He went by the name Silver Samurai.
  • In the comics, Harada and Mariko are not lovers, in fact they are half Silbings.
  • Harada and the Yashida family are related to Sunfire, the first Asian and Pyrokinetic member of the X-men.
  • Harada's name is mentioned on Stryker's Computer in X2: X-Men United along with a bunch of other mutants. But in the (2013) Wolverine movie he is a human.

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