Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria, and functions as a seafaring port.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Major William Stryker assembles Team X to travel to Nigeria in their jet to discern the location of several adamantium stockpiles situated nearby. After walking through a shantytown, Team X cross into the territory of a Nigerian crime lord operating a diamond smuggling operation. The guards outside the perimeter are alerted to the arrival of the mutant military team, and prepare to fire on them. Agent Zero dispatches most of the gun-wielding mercenaries, whilst Fred Dukes destroys the tank.

Team X and William Stryker enter the elevator to travel to the top floor of the building. The crime lord orders his guards to ready their weapons, training them on the elevator. Wade Wilson is the first to exit the elevator, and swings his twin katanas to deflect the stream of bullets fired at him, killing the guards. Stryker approaches the crime lord, inquiring about the source of the meteorite. The crime lord mentions he found it in a small village 3 days walk from the compound.

Team X later arrive at the village, and Stryker begins to question the leader of the village as to the meteorite's whereabouts, with Wade acting as interpreter. The village leader refuses to divulge the location of the adamantium stockpiles, stating that it is sacred ground. Stryker hands things over to Victor Creed, who kills the leader as the rest of Team X begin massacring the villagers. James Howlett steps in to intervene, and he throws his military dog tags on the ground and leaves Team X, having become disillusioned with the team's disregard for human life.

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