Lockheed is a little purple dragon toy, owned by Illyana Rasputin, who can become a real dragon thanks to the magic abilities of Illyana.


The New Mutants

Lockheed is a dragon toy that was Illyana's "protector" when the Smiley Men came to her room to bother her. One day, Illyana found a way to transport herself to a "safe place" known as Limbo. There Lockheed came to life and became a real dragon whenever Illyana wanted.[1]

Lockheed as a purple dragon toy

When Illyana was sent to Milbury Hospital, Lockheed acted as her puppet, who according to Illyana herself, him speaking to her, when in fact she was speaking. When the Demon Bear manifested in reality and arrived at Milbury Hospital, Illyana entered Limbo and brought Lockheed to life to help her fight the entity. Lockheed gave his best during the battle, however, the Bear was too powerful.[1]

Finally, when the Bear was defeated by Dani Moonstar, Illyana picked up Lockheed, who turned back into his toy form, and took him with her and her friends, as they embarked on a new journey into the unknown.[1]


Lockheed shows a very protective attitude towards Illyana Rasputin. He is also capable of displaying great ferocity and seems to fear nothing, as he immediately attacked the Demon Bear no matter how powerful the demonic entity was.[1]

Powers and Abilities


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  • Flight - Lockheed possesses the ability to fly by means of his natural wings. Naturally adapted to flying he is quick and extremely agile in flight.[1]
  • Fire Breathing - Lockheed has the ability to blast blue fire from his mouth.[1]
  • Bioluminescence - When Lockheed comes to life and uses his abilities in combat, his eyes turn bright light blue color, the same color as Illyana's eyes when she uses her magical abilities.[1]




Behind the Scenes

  • Lockheed in X-Men Movies is the first live-action incarnation of the character.


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