This love hotel, located in Tokyo, is where Logan and Mariko Yashida stayed at while attempting to flee Yakuza assassins.


The Wolverine

Following the attack at the Zōjō-ji Temple and the subsequent ambush on the bullet train, Logan and Mariko find a local love hotel to stay at in order to avoid the Yakuza.

Later that night, Logan stands on the balcony of the room he and Mariko rent out, guarding her while she sleeps in the room. While on the balcony, Logan experiences hallucinates of Jean Grey. Meanwhile, the Yakuza ambush Logan and attempt to kill him before Mariko intervenes and allows Logan to retaliate.


  • Twenty-five different rooms are displayed.
  • The love hotel is actually the Nakagin Capsule Tower, a mixed residential and commercial building located in Tokyo. It is one of the few remaining examples of Japanese Metabolism, an architectural movement that helped to define post-war Japan.


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