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Magda Gurzsky was the wife of Erik Lehnsherr, while he was in exile in Poland.


X-Men: Apocalypse

Erik apparently told her his identity as the mutant and former terrorist Magneto the day they met. However, the two of them fell genuinely in love. They married, established a new life in Poland together, and had a daughter, Nina. However, this happiness was shattered when Erik accidentally exposed his identity by saving a co-worker's life with his powers; the Polish State police were notified and kidnapped Nina to force him to admit his identity.

Erik agreed to turn himself in, in exchange for Nina and Magda's freedom, but Nina's fear of losing her father triggered her mutant abilities, despite Magda's efforts to calm her. Panicking as they were attacked by the animals Nina summoned, one of the police accidentally fired an arrow (they didn't bring guns because they knew metal weapons were useless against Magneto) which impaled both Magda and Nina, killing them. Devastated by the loss of his wife and child, Erik resumed his identity as Magneto and sought vengeance.


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