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"I've known men like you. Men who like to keep children trapped in cages. I've known them... and I've killed them."
―Illyana Rasputin to Cecilia Reyes[src]

Magik (born Illyana Rasputin) is a Russian mutant with the ability to travel between another dimension called Limbo, in which she obtained magical abilities and a powerful weapon called The Soulsword. She is also the younger sister of Colossus.


Revised Timeline

The New Mutants

Illyana as a child with Lockheed

Illyana was born in Siberia[1], Russia. As a child, she was taken as a sex slave. To escape all this suffering, Illyana created an imaginary dimension in her subconscious that she named Limbo, and along with her dragon toy Lockheed she transported to this dimension to be safe. In Limbo, Lockheed becomes a real dragon and Illyana is a powerful sorceress. However, due to spending too much time in Limbo, that place became totally real.[2]

Illyana teases Dani Moonstar

At some point in her life, Illyana murdered, with her sword and the help of Lockheed, the men who used her as a sex slave, killing 18 of them one by one. Because of this act, she ended up in the Milbury Hospital, where she met Roberto da Costa, Sam Guthrie and Rahne Sinclair, forging a very close relationship with Roberto. When Dani arrived at Milbury Hospital, Illyana and her friends met her in the meeting room. There Illyana showed contempt for Dani and was forced by Dr. Reyes to show Dani the hospital sites. While reluctantly showing it to her, Illyana made several misplaced comments against Dani and told her that there was nothing to separate her from freedom, only to taunt her when she collided with the force field that covered the place. When an enraged Dani tried to attack Illyana, she transported away from there.[2]

Illyana attack Dani Moonstar

The next day, when Dani entered the game room, Illyana immediately began making disparaging remarks against her and forcibly forcing her to display her powers. Then, Dani hit Illyana with her head in the face, Illyana annoyed invoked her sword to attack Dani, who was protected by a force field from Dr. Reyes. Because of this, they were both taken to isolation, where Illyana had certain visions of her past due to Dani being unconsciously using her power.[2]

Illyana in the lie detector

At night, when Illyana went with the boys to a place where Dr. Reyes was supposedly unable to keep an eye on them, when they ran into Dani and Rahne on the way and Illyana reluctantly agreed to let the two accompany them. There, Illyana pulled out a lie detector and they began to play around, with Illyana revealing to them that the reason she's there is because she killed 18 men, one by one, with her sword and the help of Lockheed.[2]

In the following days the young mutants continued to be friends and while they were in the playroom, Illyana disguised herself as Dr. Reyes and, for the first time, she really had fun with all her partners. That same night, Roberto had an illusion with Illyana and his dead girlfriend in the pool, and when Illyana entered the room she asked what had happened, much to Roberto's surprise that he thought that the Illyana he had kissed was real. Then, Illyana, upon seeing Roberto's confrontation with Dr. Reyes, decided to interfere and side with her friend Berto and against Reyes, ending with her back in isolation.[2]

Illyana prepares to kill Dani Moonstar

In isolation, Illyana felt that the door to her cell would slide open, only to see the face of a Smiling Man's mask painted on the wall. This made Illyana realize that the one who was generating all those terrifying visions was Dani. Then, Illyana attacked Dani, having a portal to Limbo and taking her there. However, Dani unconsciously used her power and transformed her face into the mask of a Smiling Man, causing Illyana to scream in terror and fall to the ground, to be subsequently injected by Dr. Reyes with a tranquilizer and taken to her room.[2]

In her room, Illyana was visited by Dani, who brought her Lockheed, who had dropped it on Illyana when she was unconscious. There, Illyana opened up much more with Dani and told her that Limbo was a place where she and Lockheed went when they did not feel safe. However, from so much visiting and spending so much time there, it became a real place.[2]

Illyana trapped in a nightmare of her past

When that same night, Dr. Reyes was notified by the Essex Corporation to kill Dani, it caused her to use her power and Illyana to enter a nightmare of her past as a sex slave, who manifested in the hospital as the Smiley Men. Illyana and Sam tried to escape from them, however a Smiling Man took Illyana and tried to take her away, only to be stopped by Sam with a fire extinguisher found in the hallway. Illyana and Sam ran into Dr. Reyes on the way, only for her to run off when she saw a Smiling Man. Then to escape, Illyana transported to Limbo, leaving Sam alone in the face of danger. When Sam and Roberto were ambushed by the Smiley Men, Illyana entered through a portal and killed all the Smiley Men, saving their friends.[2]

After overcoming her nightmare, Illyana met her friends in Dr. Reyes' office, where together they decided to go kill her to eliminate the force field that prevented them from leaving. They followed her trail to the stretcher room, where Reyes explained that she wanted to turn them into assassins for the Essex Corporation. So before Illyana and her friends could do anything, Reyes trapped them in force fields and set out to kill Dani.[2]

Magik fighting Demon Bear

However, Dani unconsciously summoned the Demon Bear to defend herself against Cecilia Reyes. So Illyana invoked her powers to enter Limbo and recruits a real version of Lockheed to confront the creature. She jumped on the Bear, slicing him on his back. However, the Bear ignored Illyana and turned his attention to reaching Dani. Illyana with Lockheed chased him to the chapel and confronted him again, this time with the help of Roberto and Sam. The Bear hit Illyana and she quickly transported herself out of the chapel, falling several meters to the ground and being considerably stunned and powerless before the Bear.[2]

When Dani finally defeated the Bear and morning came, Illyana and her friends gathered their belongings and decided to head to town (Reyes had told them that the nearest town was twenty miles away). Not knowing if she was telling the truth, they all decide to go out together as a family; facing the unknown.[2]


"Patient reviles authority, but her fragmented psyche and base hatred for humans makes her a prime candidate for the program. Conclusion; A killer with limitless potential."
―Illyana's Essex Corporation File[src]

Due to her tortured past, as a sex slave, Illyana developed a strong personality with no remorse for the things she does. This was shown when she did not hold back from saying all the people she had killed in her life and even feeling proud of it. She also showed an unhealthy attitude towards Dani Moonstar when she arrived at Milbury Hospital, even going so far as to make inappropriate comments against Dani and mocking her for hurting herself when she collided with the force field that Dr. Reyes had placed around the hospital to prevent them from leaving there.

Despite her strong personality, Illyana still had many internal fears that she had not yet managed to overcome, especially the Smiley Men, who even after so many years frightened her like no one else. However, she finally managed to overcome this fear by entering Limbo and taking her sword to kill the Smiley Men and thus saving her friends Roberto and Sam. She also changed her attitude towards Dani a lot when she returned her dragon toy, Lockheed, who had previously dropped her, even going so far as to talk to Dani about her past and telling her about Limbo.

In addition, Illyana has shown to have certain feelings towards her partner Roberto da Costa, feeling great affection for him and worrying while Roberto confronted the Demon Bear, trying to get off the ground to help him against the creature, despite being injured. She even screamed in horror when the Bear crushed Roberto with his foot, leaving him almost unconscious and out of combat.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Illyana Rasputin has the mutant ability to mentally teleport over long distances, leaving a distinctive sky-blue energy as a trail whenever she uses this ability. As a child, she used this ability to travel to the imaginary realm that her subconscious had created. She also used this ability to disappear in a matter of seconds when Danielle Moonstar tried to attack her, and later, she used it to go to Limbo when the Smiley Men manifested at the Milbury Hospital.

Illyana using her powers

  • Sorcery: In the hellish dimension she had created from her subconscious, Illyana became a powerful sorceress capable of manipulating mystical energy for a variety of effects, such as spell casting, summoning a weapon called the Soulsword and armor covering her right arm. Her mystic power manifests as blue energy.
    • Dimensional Energy Empowerment: By drawing power from Limbo, Illyana gains considerably greater power and also physical abilities, like enhanced strength, durability and agility. When she uses this ability, Illyana's eyes are flooded with bright blue energy. She is also able to infuse this energy into her sword to enhance the attacks she makes with it.
      • Enhanced Strength: Illyana possesses inhuman levels of strength, allowing her to effortlessly break bursting through a window with wooden posts while confronting the Demon Bear and fight the massive creature with her strength.
      • Enhanced Durability: Illyana possesses inhuman levels of durability. In the fight with the Demon Bear, she even was able to survive being struck by the massive creature.
      • Enhanced Agility: Illyana possesses inhuman levels of mobility, primarily allowing her to leap several feet with some assistance from her teleportation abilities. She was able to jump on the Demon Bear's back, and also jump through the window of the chapel and land easily.
      • Soulsword Summoning: During her multiple visits to Limbo, Illyana obtained a magic sword from the mystical metal found on the floor of Limbo. She is able to hide this sword in Limbo and summon it whenever she wishes.
      • Eldritch Armor Generation: Every time Illyana summons her magic sword, a eldritch armor covers her right arm.
    • Portal Creation: Using a spell in Latin, Illyana can open a portal to Limbo, with which she can transport herself and others across long distances. She used this ability to appear through a portal and save her friends from the Smiley Men, to appear behind the Demon Bear with Lockheed and later to transport herself out of the chapel when the Bear struck her.
    • Telekinesis: Illyana has the ability to telekinetically influence objects around her. When she drew in her room, her crayons moved around the paper she was drawing on.


  • Expert Swordswoman: Illyana possesses incredible skill in the use of her magic sword, mostly due to her ferocity in combat. She was able to use her sword to kill several Smiley Men in a matter of seconds and face the Demon Bear, being, of all her friends, who gave the entity the most battle.
  • Skilled Artist: Illyana has been shown to be an extraordinary artist, as it was her favorite hobby while she was locked up in Milbury Hospital.
  • Multilingualism: Illyana is fluent in her native Russian, as well as English.


  • Soulsword: The Soulsword is a powerful magical weapon, which was created by Illyana from the same metal found on the floor of Limbo. The sword is simple in origin, but when Illyana uses it, it glows with a blue flame-like energy. The sword is also accompanied by a mystical armor that covers Illyana's arm each time she summons it.






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