Magik (born Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina) is a mutant with the ability to Inter-dimensional teleportation and Magic manipulation. She is also the younger sister of Colossus.


X2: X-Men United

Her name appeared on Stryker's Computer.

The New Mutants

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  • Teleportation - Magik has the mutant ability to mentally control "stepping discs", which allows herself and others to teleport from location to another.
  • Magic Manipulation - Magik possesses the ability to wield magical abilities, such as spell casting.







  • In the comics, Magik is the biological younger sister of Colossus.
  • In the comics, Illyana first appeared in Giant Size X-Men Vol 1 #1 (May 1975) around the same time as her brother Colossus appeared in the comics. She was taken into Limbo and became Magik in 1982 just before the New Mutants were formed. She then returned to earth and join the team in New Mutants Vol 1 #14 (April 1984).
  • In the comics, the only other connection Magik has to the X-Men is doll a called Bamfy which was named after the Bamfs and looks like Nightcrawler.
  • In the comics, Magik and her family are related to Grigori Rasputin.
  • Magik like her brother Colossus is a Russian mutant born in Ust-Ordynsky, Siberia she is the daughter of two farmers her family tree ties to the famous Grigori Rasputin. Her religion is Occult and Demonolatry after being taken into Hell or Limbo.


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