"Gentlemen, wheels down in Lagos in five."
William Stryker[src]

The Mission in Nigeria is the first mission of Team X, where they try to locate the source of Adamantium.


After Victor Creed murdered his commanding officer and his half-brother James Howlett tries to help him, during the end of the Vietnam War, they were both sentenced to death by a firing squad. However, they both survived due their regenerative healing abilities, so they then placed in cell. They were then approached by Major William Stryker, who heard about how they survived their execution and offers them a chance to join a team of mutants he is assembling called Team X in exchange for their freedom from life imprisonment, which they accept. Team X is then joined by technopath Chris Bradley, invulnerable and super-strong Fred Dukes, master marksman Agent Zero, teleporter John Wraith, and Wade Wilson a loudmouth mercenary with superhuman reflexes.


Smugglers Headquarters

On their first mission in Lagos, Nigeria, Team X is goes to the headquarters of a Diamond Smuggling ring. Zero kills the guards at the front of the gate, then Fred destroys a tank used by some of the guards. Then Stryker, Howlett, Wraith, Wade, Fred, and Bradley use the elevator to get the top floor of the building. When the diamond smugglers attempts trap them in the elevator, Stryker has Bradley take control of the elevator using his powers.

Nigerian Village


Wolverine eventually moves back to Canada, residing in a cabin high in the Canadian Rockies. He now works as a lumberjack and is living with a school teacher named Kayla Silverfox. William Stryker has meanwhile been capturing mutants with the help on Team-X, for his project to create the perfect mutant hunter. Years later, Stryker and Agent Zero find Wolverine and inform him that Sabretooth has been killing the members of Team X.


  • A young Storm appeared in the Nigerian village in a deleted scene.
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