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"This one robbed seven banks... at the same time."
Mystique about Multiple Man[src]

Multiple Man (born James "Jamie" Madrox) is a mutant who can duplicate himself and has a history of robbing banks.


X2: X-Men United[]

James Madrox's name appears on Colonel William Stryker's computer when Mystique was looking for Magneto's file.

X-Men: The Last Stand[]


Madrox joins the Brotherhood of Mutants.

While Magneto rescues Mystique from a prison convoy, he recruits the other imprisoned mutants, including Multiple Man and Juggernaut. He served as a decoy when the government attempted to arrest the Brotherhood of Mutants at their temporary camp. Although he is arrested again, it is uncertain if he was injected with the Mutant Cure upon his capture.



Madrox and his duplicates

  • Self-Duplication: Multiple Man can duplicate himself. He was able to rob seven banks at the same time due to his powers. It's unknown what the limits of his powers (if there are any) are, but he's shown to create over 100 copies of himself. Multiple Man can re-merge with his duplicates if they are alive and conscious.





  • Multiple Man's comic counterpart in the Ultimate Universe is also a member of the Brotherhood.
  • In X-Men: The Official Game, Multiple Man attempted to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge. His clones were planting explosives when Nightcrawler and Storm arrived. Nightcrawler battled him while Storm fought the clones down below. He was later taken to a prison for high-powered mutants.
  • He was going to be the main character in his own solo film.

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