The Mutant Containment Unit (MCU) is a branch of the U.S. Government that deals with the capture of mutants who pose a threat to civilian safety.


Revised Timeline

Capturing the X-Men and Magneto's Team

In 1992, the MCU was dispatched to capture Jean Grey after she had attacked police officers in Red Hook and military soldiers in Genosha. They arrived in New York City after the X-Men battled Magneto and his allies over Jean's fate. The mutants were fitted with inhibitor collars before being boarded on to a train headed to a mutant detention facility.[1]


  • The Mutant Containment Unit shares its acronym with the "Marvel Cinematic Universe", a superhero movie franchise based on Marvel Comics like the X-Men series. Simon Kinberg noted in an interview that it was not a deliberate reference at first. The production designer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix came up with the idea of "Mutant Containment", while the costume designer coined the "Mutant Containment Unit" when he had to design patches for the soldiers to wear. Kinberg immediately recognized the MCU acronym and left it in the film as an Easter Egg for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[2]


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