Nate Munson is the son of Will and Kathryn Munson, who, along his parents, befriends Wolverine, Professor X, and X-23.


Revised Timeline

One afternoon, Nate and his family were driving home with a Horse Box full of their horses. An automatic truck nearly collided with their’s and Logan’s trucks and forced both vehicles off the road, causing the horse box to open and the horses to escape onto the busy highway. With help from Charles Xavier, the horses were calmed and returned to their masters by the side of the road. After Logan helped get their truck back onto the road, Nate and his family invited the "Howletts" for dinner as a way of saying thank you. While Logan was hesitant, Charles enthusiastically agreed.

Over dinner, Nate said grace and thanked God for their meal and their new friends, who came to their aid. The family and their friends discussed the ‘vacation’ that the group were on, and Kathryn wished they could go on a vacation soon. Nate stated he could drop out of school to go on a trip, which led to Logan and Charles talking about Charles' old ‘special needs school’ and joked how Logan was not a very good pupil. Nate also noticed throughout dinner that Laura seemed to have an odd fascination with him, an ordinary boy.

Afterwards, the Munsons insisted that the group stay the night. After Logan put Charles to bed and headed out to help Will, Kathryn went to bed and Nate retired to his room. While listening to his music, he noticed Laura come into the room, who was amazed by all of his posters and trophies, which Nate described to her in detail. After showing interest in his Music Player, he let her keep it for the night, asking for it back in the morning.

Soon after, X-24 came into the house and fatally wounded Charles before pacifying Laura. Nate heard Laura’s screams and came to her defence with a baseball bat. He hit her assailant across the face with it, but X-24, unfazed by the blow, proceeded to stab Nate in the stomach with his claws, which caused him to die near instantly. His body was left in the house, and his mother and father were slaughtered soon after.

His death, and the deaths of his Mother and Father, would be avenged days later when Logan and Laura killed X-24 and his creator, Zander Rice.


Family and Friends


  • X-24 † - enemy and killer
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