Nigeria is a federal constitutional republic composed of 36 separate states, and is situated in West Africa.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In 1973, Team X under the leadership of Major William Stryker, travel to Lagos, Nigeria via a military jet. They touch down, and the team heads to a shanty town in Lagos to uncover a stockpile of adamantium. As they approach the headquarters of a diamond smuggling operation, they come to the attention of the armed forces stationed outside the building. Stryker orders them to dispatch the guards outside, which Agent Zero and Fred Dukes accomplish with extreme efficiency.

Stryker and Team X enter the elevator up to the top floor, as Wade Wilson prepares to engage the guards massing outside the elevator. Wade uses his twin katanas to deflect the stream of bullets fired at him, killing all of the guards. William Stryker commends Wade on his prowess, before approaching the Nigerian crime boss, demanding to know where he found a meteorite containing a rare metallic compound. The crime boss states that his men found it in a small village three days walk from the compound.

Three days later, Stryker and Team X question the locals about where the meteor fragment was found, but despite Wade Wilson's attempts at conversing with them in their local tongue, they refuse to divulge its location, stating that it is sacred ground. Stryker then hands things over to Victor Creed, who begins massacring the villagers, with Agent Zero joining in not too long after. James Howlett tries to stop them from killing the innocents, and eventually leaves the team due to the group's disregard for human life.

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