Nina Gurzsky was the daughter of Erik Lehnsherr, and a mutant who influenced animal behavior.


X-Men: Apocalypse

After fleeing the United States and settling in Poland, Erik Lehnsherr met a woman named Magda and the pair got married and conceived a girl who they named Nina. She was shown to have powers to affect and control animal behavior, allowing her to befriend the wildlife outside her home. However, when the town discovered Erik was a mutant and allegedly responsible for killing John F. Kennedy and attempting to kill Richard Nixon ten years prior, the authorities took his daughter to draw him out.

They let her go when Erik agreed to surrender, but Nina was shown to have powers and caused birds to go frantic and start attacking. During the panic, one of the police accidentally fired an arrow, which impaled both Nina and her mother, killing them instantly. Out of grief and rage, Magneto used Nina's locket to kill all the police officers by slitting their throats.


  • Animal Empathy: Nina's mutation allowed her to influence animals around her. She was shown to be able to make usually skittish animals (like birds and deer) feel easy around her and her family, and make normally docile animals attack her enemies, such as the birds which she made attack several police officers when they came to arrest her father. It is unclear just how powerful her abilities would have manifested.



  • In the comics, her name is Anya Eisenhardt and she suffered a similar fate, dying as a child. Magneto was prevented from saving her life in a fire and in retaliation used his powers to destroy the entire town.
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