Noburo Mori was the corrupt Minister of Justice of Japan. He was betrothed to Mariko Yashida, the granddaughter of Japanese businessman Ichirō Yashida.


The Wolverine

Noburo Mori was introduced as Mariko's fiancé. Noburo's marriage to Mariko was arranged by her father Shingen, who wanted greater access to political circles in Japan.

After Mariko was kidnapped by the Yakuza, Wolverine and Yukio interrogated Noburo at his apartment, where he confesses to be working with Mariko's father; Shingen paid him to have the Yakuza kill her because Ichirō Yashida left his business to her instead of Shingen. He knew Mariko would never marry him if she took over the company, even Mariko didn't want her grandfather to leave his company to her. 

Wolverine then throws him out of the window of his apartment, but he lands unharmed in a swimming pool below.





  • In the comics, his name is Noburu Hideki and he is also the husband of Mariko.

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