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The Omegas are a mutant outcasts mob fighting for mutant supremacy over humans. They were founded and led by Callisto.


X-Men: The Last Stand

The Omegas were at a meeting discussing and arguing about Worthington Labs' mutant cure until Magneto steps in and recruits the Omegas into his Brotherhood.

While some of the Omegas died during the final battle on Alcatraz, many others were "depowered" by weaponized cure darts. Very few of them were lucky enough to escape the chaotic wrath of Phoenix.

Known members included Callisto,Quill,Arclight and Psylocke.However, it is possible that there were many more, such as Anole,Spike,Ash,Phat and Glob Herman.



  • The Omegas are heavily inspired by the Morlocks from the comics.

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