The "Pig Farmer" was a former Nazi officer who served at Auschwitz and was associated with Sebastian Shaw.


During World War II, the "Pig Farmer" was an SS Nazi officer who, under the orders of Adolf Hitler, kidnapped and murdered many Jewish people, stripping them of their identities and relocating them to concentration camps. After the war, he took refuge at Villa Gesell in Argentina.

In 1962, Erik Lehnsherr arrived at a bar in Villa Gesell hoping to confront Shaw, based on a tip he extracted from a Swiss banker. Instead, Lehnsherr found him and the "Tailor" in the bar. Thinking they were mere patrons, Erik then noticed both him and the Tailor in a photo along with Shaw, on a boat in Miami, Florida known as the Caspartina. As Erik spoke German to compliment the German beer he was drinking, the Pig Farmer struck up a conversation with him in the same language.

He claimed to have come to Argentina for its' climate, though Erik could easily guess the real reason: that both the Pig Farmer and the Tailor had fled Germany to escape prosecution for their war crimes. As Erik mentioned that his parents were from Dusseldorf, like the tailor, the pig farmer asked their surname; however, Erik claimed that their identities were stripped from them "by pig farmers and tailors". Looking uneasy, the two Nazis accepted Erik's offer of a toast, but then Erik revealed number tattooed on his arm.

Realizing Erik was a Holocaust survivor seeking vengeance, the Pig Farmer attempted to kill Erik with an SS dagger embossed with the German words for "Blood and Honor". Erik easily deflected the dagger, grabbed it and impaled the Pig Farmer's hand to the table, causing him to scream in pain.  After killing the Tailor and the bartender (who pulled a Luger on him) Erik finished his beer, leaving the Pig Farmer pinned to the table by his hand. The Pig Farmer then asked Erik who he was, and the latter replied in English: "Let's just say, I'm Frankenstein's monster... and I'm looking for my creator."  Erik then summoned the Luger magnetically and shot the Pig Farmer dead.


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