President McKenna was the President of the United States in 2003, during the events of X2: X-Men United.


X2: X-Men United

The President was attacked by a brainwashed Nightcrawler in an attempted assassination that was thwarted by his Presidential aides. McKenna then met with Colonel William Stryker, who asked for his permission to raid the X-Mansion, which he labeled as the source of the mutant attack. 

At Alkali Lake when Magneto tampered with Stryker's Cerebro's mandate to initiate a genocide of mutants and reversed it to target all of the humans, President McKenna was one of the individuals affected by its range. McKenna was later released from its effects after Storm and Nightcrawler subdued Jason Stryker, who was controlling Charles Xavier to operate Cerebro.

The President was then confronted by Professor X and the X-Men who presented him with evidence pertaining to Stryker's crimes against mutant-kind.


Original Timeline

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